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Applying our magnetic eyelashes is already quite easy and with our eyelash tweezers it is even more so as it makes it faster and much more precise. It is one of the most essential lash accessories.

The rounded tips delicately hold the magnetic lashes and has a shape that curves just like the lids. It only takes a quick movement to get your lashes right where you want them.

Keep your Hollylash in perfect condition with our lash tweezers

Our magnetic eyelashes are made of soft fibers, so it is best to handle them as little as possible to make them look pretty. That's where the lash tweezer comes in.

1. Use the head of the tweezers to hold the magnetic tab
2. Place the magnetic lash over your natural lashes and release the grip
3. Use the opposite end of the tweezers to bend and secure the magnetic lashes at the lash line