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How long does the magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes last?

If you take care of your eyelashes correctly, they can last more than 35 times.Be sure to clean the tab magnets after each use and magnetize them back into the tab tray!.The lifespan of the magnetic eyeliner is 6 months after opening


does the magnetic eyeliner come with the eyelashes?

Our magnetic eyeliner doesn't come with eyelashes, except for our eyelash sets.Each set offers a volume discount for getting over 2 tabs and magnetic eyeliner!

Are eyeliner ingredients safe?

, all our products have been tested for safety.Our magnetic eyeliner has the same types of ingredients you can see in other eyeliners or mascara.What makes our eyeliner magnetic is our iron oxide ingredient.There are no heavy metals or parabens in our formula.Iron oxide is a cosmetic ingredient commonly used for pigments and is classified as non-toxic.Of course, as with any cosmetic eye product, if you have any pre-existing eye conditions, talk to your doctor.

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How can I make sure the tabs fit the shape of my eyes?

Of fact, we have a tab guide here, you can compare and decide which tab best suits you!

I can use more than one discount code?

Unfortunately, we can only allow one discount code per order.If you try to apply more than 1 code to your order, the best discount will apply.

can I use mascara with my magnetic eyelashes?

Yy, we recommend that you apply the mascara and then rice yourself with our magnetic eyelash curler before applying the eyelashes so that your natural eyelashes blend better with the lashes.We do not recommend applying mascara directly to the magnetic eyelashes, as it will distort the shape of the lashes and shorten the life of the lashes.

How do I get my magnetic eyelashes to better adhere to the magnetic eyeliner?

Pleen a uniform layer of eyeliner, the same thickness as magnets, and make sure it is 80% dry before magnetizing the lashes for optimal fixation.If you reuse the lashes, you may have remnants of mascara or eyeliner attached to the small magnets.If you notice this, you can scrape it with your fingernail or use a make-up remover on a swam or makeup wipe and gently clean it,

do I remove and clean my eyelashes?

Remove the magnetic eyelash from the eyelid.If you notice lumps of eyeliner or mascara on the magnets, gently scratch with your fingernail on each of the magnets.To clean the eyeliner on your eyelid, use a waterproof makeup remover, micellar water, or coconut oil


Are magnetic eyelashes made of?

Our magnetic eyelashes are made of high quality synthetic fibers.

When will I receive my order?

The shipment usually takes between 24 and 48 hours from the time you leave our premises.

How can I contact customer support?

To contact customer service, email us at info@hollylash.com our amazing team will be happy to help.

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Am I interested in the opportunities of influencers and ambassadors whom I should contact?Do they make international shipments?

We will love collaborating with you!Email us at info@hollylash.com

Do you make international shipments?

Yes, we ship worldwide!Please check the rates as they are calculated at the end of the purchase.