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Let yourself be carried away by this set that includes all the models of magnetic eyelashes from the Hollylash collection dramatic style. With these eyelashes you will feel sexy y powerful without going unnoticed by anyone's gaze.

The set includes the tabs Seduction with high volume and foxy eye effect with strands that taper from a subtle 8mm to 15mm, the Romantic high volume and squirrel effect with interspersed strands from 10mm to 16mm, the Love high volume and squirrel effect with interspersed strands from 8mm to 14mm and finally the Rush high volume and wrist effect with 13mm strands in the center and 8mm in the outer corners.

All our magnetic eyelashes have a fastening with 5 magnets, which allow greater resistance throughout the day. Sare completely vegan and are created with the highest quality synthetic fiber, with the same fluffiness, curl and dimensionality as mink.

Hollylashes are comfortable, flexible and waterproof, can be cut to fit your eye, and last up to 40 uses. You only need a minute to apply and they last all day.

They are ideal for anyone who does not want to damage their lashes with glues or chemicals.

Our eyelashes would be nothing without your secret ingredient: own magnetic eyeliner, which uses ultra-fine and non-irritating magnetic particles.

For the maintenance of our lashes, simply clean the magnets after each use and store them in our special case for your safety.

The set includes:

  • Seduction lashes
  • Romantic lashes
  • Love lashes
  • Rush lashes
  • 2 Black Liquid Magnetic Eyeliners